For those of you next gen console owners still waiting for WWE 2K15, there is this offering as a stop gap, providing that is, you have an android device like an Amazon Kindle. What you have on offer here is a 'collectable card game' based game, that features all of your favourite wrestling stars and Divas from the past and the present. (There are some omissions but I'll get to those later)

So how does the game work? Well first of all upon downloading the game, you will be given a 'deck' of five superstars, consisiting of four male wrestlers and one Diva. Each card comes with a set of stats such as Charisma, Speed, Toughness etc etc. Once you have your collection, you can then go through a brief tutorial that shows you how the game works and boom, upon winning that match, you will win another two cards! Not bad, 7 cards for free!

You will be told the stipulation for the match, i.e strength vs strength. So select your star, based on who is the strongest and hope that your opponent's card isn't stronger. The two will go head to head and boom, you either win or you lose, simple as that. It's a best of three series so if you lose that first tussle then do not despair. The next match may pitch your diva head to head with your opponents, or two stars to form a tag team, until the three head to head fights are over.

At the end of the match you will be presented with a screen of cards turmed face down. If you win pick two at random, and if you lose you get only the one card. Cards are rated from common to super rare to legendary. But it does not end there, heck no. This is where tactics come in (and there are tactics as well in the matches that I will cover in a bit). You see cards can be levelled up with training. How does this work?

Well if you have won a card that you really do not like, then you can use it to train up a superstar or diva. It does not have to be the same star, heck no. You can say for example, train your Zack Ryder card with a Goldust card or even a Diva or vice versa! It will either raise the cards stats or it may raise the card's level, either is useful.

You can raise levels of the card and stats with  support cards and these like superstars and divas are also rated by rarity. Support cards are different from superstar/diva cards as they boost stats or penalise opponents cards ONCE during a match. You can have tow of these cards in stock and it's up to you if you use them or not. Support cards cover foreign objects such as steel chairs that will damage the stats of your oppnent, or things like WWE Universe that depending on rarity (and this applies to the steel chair) that may boost your cards charisma or ladders that boost speed. It's important to match the boost card to the stats used in the match. So tactics come in here again.

Back to training cards, occaisionally you will get cards that can be combined. These are HIGHLY useful especially on the higher rated cards for rarity. For instance two common cards combined turns the card into the PRO version that will raise all stats say by a +1 or +2, BUT if you were to then use that card to train the same character (or a different one, up too you) with a HIGHER rarity then BOOM the values can jump considerably. So you can imagine if two cards of the same star that are rated as uncommon or higher, are combined then you get a bigger boost. 

So the game soon becomes very tactical before you get back into the ring for your next set of three head to heads. And in the ring especially when it comes to tag matches, then tactics come into effect as well. See what stats are being used for the match, and then see if your cards are compatible as a team. Each card will be marked with a little diamond icon on the side, either in blue or yellow. It's best to match like to like, for instance two stars with a blue or yellow diamond will get a compatibility bonus, but mis match and all stats will take a -5 hit for not being compatible, and that's before your opponent may hit you with a trash can etc. However your stars may have a special ability that can kick in to aid you. For instance John Cena at uncommon or higher gets a charisma and power boost. This may kick in and negate that penalty and possibly soak some damge from a chair or trash can. 

So what you have is a 'top trumps' style game that as you progress through it, will reward you with the chance to win rarer cards. There are also people's champions matches (usually around the time of real world PPV events) and there's the most intriguing part of the game that's known as King of the Ring. Here you have TWO teams on the go. Each match costs the members of the team energy so keep an eye on them regularly and get ready to swap out 'tired' superstars or Divas! You can win cards that will boost the participants performance, enhance the endurance, give them extra strength etc etc. Once you have done the team management the a.i. will take over and select for you who will face who. This is taken out of your hands so check the home screen and keep an eye on the countdown as this will tell you when a match is due to finish, so hit the manage superstars button and do whatever you need to do. You can only swap stars out totally from either squad BETWEEN King of the Ring tournaments!  The furthest you go, the rarer the card or cards you can win. Also the rarity of the cards in your teams effect the winnings, so the rarer and more powerful the cards in your team the better!

Fight and train and level them up, or use the in game purchase system to buy a selection of cards. It's FREE to download the app, so this is where 2K will make their money. It's up to you but I am quite enjoying the journey to get better cards without the purchase. The game is surprisingly tactical and a lot of fun! So lace up your boots and climb through those ropes.....Referee ring the bell!