There's one bit of ongoing news that we here at Games Xtreme have been very remiss in reporting on lately. If you haven't heard of it, consider it yourself lucky.

That bit of news is generally known as #GamerGate.

Gamergate purports to be about promoting ethics in games journalism. It does this by harassing independent game designers and developers, primarily women. People have been forced to flee their homes due to credible threats of violence made against their person. It does this by dogpiling anyone who so much as Tweets the hashtag and expresses a critical sentiment. A terrorist threat has been made against Anita Sarkeesian, forcing her to cancel a public appearance.

Meanwhile, real ethical concerns continue every day in the games industry. YouTubers were given their review copies of Shadows of Mordor in exchange for positive reviews not even a month ago, to silence from these so-called ethical crusaders.

Gamergate does not stand for ethics. Gamergate stands for hatred. It stands for hatred of women, it stands for hatred of female developers, and it stands for hatred of the video game industry.

Games Xtreme officially condemns Gamergate and the behaviour of those who act in its name, and we stand asking all websites within the games industry to do so.

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