MOGN have got 2 updates today, the first if a review of The Mystery of the Druids. Heres a snip:

    Additionally, it can be difficult to locate very important items. For example, one of the earliest tasks in the game is to investigate the scene of a murder. A pile of bones must be carefully examined for important clues. Taking a close look at the remains, the player must locate a single bone in a pile of dozens. This isn't a major inconvenience, but it is a little odd. I was often very unsure of how to go about things or even what I was supposed to be doing. It is this sort of unclearness and vague quality that really hurts the game in the end. This is not conducive to the detailed investigation the player must carry out. The game feels a lot like an episode of the X-Files where a seemingly typical murder is slowly revealed to have very supernatural undertones as the player works to unravel the 'Mystery of the Druids!' (Insert frightening music here).
Secondly they have got a reviewof The Sting. Heres a snip:

    The Sting is a very unusual game which sees you organising and carrying out burglaries in a virtual town. At the start of the game you have just been released from jail, and are ready to get back into your profession as a burglar, but you are told that these days things are much more complex and that you might have to learn a few new skills to get the job done.

    You will also have to hire some fellow 'blaggers' to help you and these bring new skills and a sense of personality to the game.

    Robberies are planned and then executed. You do your best to plunder a number of targets in the unsuspecting town of Fortune Hills. However you don't just wander over to a place and clean them out. Instead you must plan your heists by casing the joint and pre-planning your moves in a special game mode which lets you record your intended approach so you can see if you are successful. This is a very novel approach indeed, and this aspect of the game is really quite involving as your targets get more difficult and your party of thieves grows.