A bunch of new screenshots have appeared for Rocksteady's third and final instalment of the Arkham series of games. There's a nice slew of screens that show off the level of detail on Batman's armour and even more to drool over. The game is slated for release much later in the year and will be a true next-gen experience, with only PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions in development.

This will allow Rocksteady to push the game to have zero disconnect between interior and exterior locations, no load times for entering/exiting a building and allow for some great moments where you can see action going on from inside Oracle's Clocktower and respond to it when you leave.

There's also a nice new shot of the detail of Batman's armour and the level of quality is just stunning.

The rest of the shots can be found on our site, here: Batman Arkham Knight screens

Source for the new images: All Games Beta screenshots