Word broke on Twitter recently that strategy-slash-CYOA-management sim King of Dragon Pass is finally receiving an Android port.

The fantasy game was originally released on PC in the late 90s, but later found a home and much greater success on the iOS app store in late 2011. At the time, and Android release was unfeasible, but now Russian developer Herocraft will be releasing the game for Android with a projected release date somewhere in Q2 of 2014.

At present, the game is confirmed to function on the Kindle Fire HD, with no word yet about other Android devices. Further ports to the PS Vita and Windows Phone have been authorized, but no release date or development status has been announced at this time.

King of Dragon Pass is a turn-based game set in the fantasy RPG setting of Glorantha, where the player takes control of a clan of settlers and attempts to lead the clan leader to become the titular King of Dragon Pass. It's part choose-your-own-adventure-- nearly every turn, the game presents you with a new story snippet for you to select an outcome from-- and part management strategy game-- ensure your clan has enough food, cows, and land in order to prosper. When the game presents its choices to you, it challenges you to make them the way a member of the game's culture would, giving King of Dragon Pass a persistent charm.