Electronic music pulsing as you frantically dodge homing missiles; trying to land on the next platform and move on before it crumbles away; then a new barrage of missiles come your way. You think you've gotten away but then a timed laser comes out of nowhere and ends it all and then you're back at the checkpoint!!! Electronic Super Joy (ESJ) is a platformer that will push you, it will make you swear and when you're tired of swearing you'll quit the game. But you usually come back because you know you can beat it. You are the hero who has lost pretty much every body part in various music-related wars and to top it all off now the Groove Wizard has taken your butt. Not exactly the usual story but then it's not really about getting your butt back, you seem to manage just fine without it. The story doesn't matter, this is all about jumping and running and dodging whatever is thrown at you, the majority being missiles and lasers.

There is rarely a moment to breathe in the few hours you'll spend with ESJ. Some levels start with crumbling platform and homing missiles while a bonus pick-up is in sight to taunt you, until you work out the pattern or just get lucky. For most of the time in the game you have a butt stomp which helps to stop missiles - for a while it is useful, necessary even, but then it can get taken away or is incredibly hazardous to use. Some areas instead give you the power to stick to walls so you can wall jump. Just as you get comfortable with that it's gone for some time. The one constant is that there will be missiles and they're all seeking you out.

Visually the game is bright - the background colours pop while the platforms and people are usually silhouettes. This makes it much easier to see when the colours are pulsing. Every checkpoint throws out an 'Oh Yeah!" that usually blends in with the music but you'll never tire of it as it means when you inevitably die not long after, you at least have a closer checkpoint. You can use the keyboard or the controller. I recommend a controller as with any platformer but if you don't have one you can easily get by without it.


Electronic Super Joy joins the ever growing list of tough-as-nails platformers, but at least it's a good one. Sure it's frustrating, but it's less of an issue as you get better or sheer muscle memory from repeating sections! If you don't mind electronic/dancey music then you'll have a good time if you want a good challenge and platformer.