Take 2 Interactive one of the worlds leading software publishers and Silicon Dreams the UK's most experienced football development house once again join forces to bring you the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2001/2002 to PC and it's next generation debut on PlayStation2.

Following the unprecedented success of the critically acclaimed UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2000/2001, Take 2 Interactive once again presents you with the unique opportunity to participate in the most prestigious club tournament in world.

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2001/2002 will give the player full access to all 32 club teams participating in this celebrated event. This season's game will feature all the official club, kit and event sponsors as well as the official player and club names. With unprecedented AI and attention to detail, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE will be as real as it gets.

Utilising the PlayStation 2's revolutionary processing power, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2001/2002 will ensure an unparalleled level of artificial intelligence. A revolutionary 3D engine will allow the player unlimited control over the game, whilst being presented in an authentic television style. This will be achieved through the use of TV-style camera angles, cut-scenes and the action replay facility.

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2001/2002 brings football to a new gaming generation. Become part of football history starting Q4 2001.


  • The only official UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Season 2001/2002 video game with official players, teams, sponsors and kits for this season.

  • A new game engine with improved graphics and improved player models using in-house "Motion Morph 8-point" animation system.

  • Tournament editor allows players to recreate any football competition. This coupled with the player editor allows the gamer to create thier own players and teams to re-live classic matches...fancy seeing your favourite team Vs. Manchester United?

  • Animation blending allows for instant response time, so no more delays in waiting for an animation to finish before the next one can start - Instant action.

  • Sees the return of your favourite features from the previous editions, such as the historical game mode: relive all time classic encounters from the 60's, right through to the 90's.

  • 21 of the most impressive European stadiums beautifully recreated in stunning 3D with fully animated crowd scenes, camera crews and touchline managers.

  • Loads of game modes including: custom tournaments, quick match, friendly matches, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, cup winner's challenge, player editor, secrets and hidden features.

    Super-detailed player models: Full facial animation of players, animated hair, real-time lighting effects, advanced weather effects, injuries and suspensions and super fast game play at a constant frame rate of 50fps.