Five Dungeon Crawler titles to look forward to

So we're here again, Witcher 2 is out and we're still waiting for our copy. Magically it hasn't appeared yet, so we thought we'd shed a little light on some of the new fantasy titles that are coming and what you could possibly expect from them. In no particular order they are:

Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale - set in the iconic Forgotten Realms, billed as a near-spiritual successor to games like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and so on, D&D Daggerdale returns us back to the good old days of close-camera isometric dungeon delving that was made popular by Dark Alliance and games like Diablo. Daggerdale boasts cooperative and single player dungeon bashing for friends and features several iconic D&D classes such as the rogue and the cleric. From what we've seen of Daggerdale so far it seems set in a dark and dangerous mine and oozes D&D from every pore. The game is set for release on the 25th of May and should cost around 1200 Microsoft points on XBLA. PSN users will have to wait a week till the 31st.
The game has a strong focus on loot and co-op and that's enough to scratch our Diablo itch for the time being, at least until Dungeon Siege 3, Torchlight II and Diablo 3 of course.

Hunted the Demon's Forge: This is one of our most anticipated titles for early June, out on the 3rd in the UK this game promises Gears of War style cover action set in a darkly twisted fantasy land. The emphasis on cooperation and combat from a distance or up close and personal has our Lord of the Rings senses tingling and we're looking forwards to slashing our way through the many challenges that await us in the game. It promises 2 player cooperative play online and offline with a host of loot, a special map creator known as Crucible and tons of replay value. Breaking the mould of traditional fantasy games Hunted also casts the barbarian Caddoc as the smart one, and the female E'lara as the warlike psychopath. We seriously can't wait to give this one a whirl and plumb the depths of the depraved lands in search of answers. Puzzles, cooperative gameplay and third person action adventure ahoy!

Dungeon Siege 3: Oh we've always been fans of the Dungeon Siege series of games, they were great fun on the PC and now the third instalment looks to be just the ticket to revitalise the series and bring in a host of new gameplay. With brand new and interesting characters, a new storyline and some really badass looking boss fights. Dungeon Siege 3 looks set to be another fantasy hack and slasher that deserves a look. The game boasts a huge selection of weapons and loot, lots of magic spells, four unique characters with their own story to tell and of course co-op online and split-screen offline. All of these ingredients are brought to the table by Obsidian Entertainment (the original Black Isle) and Square Enix...with a couple of decent chefs like this they should be able to cook up a nice mix of gameplay and dungeon bashing with levels galore and loot to satisfy fans of Borderlands. DS 3 will be out on June 17th just in time for at least one Games Xtreme member's birthday!

Torchlight II: Torchlight was a great game, the console version was superb and now there's Torchlight II on the way. Torchlight II promises more of the same great dungeon bashing from the previous game, tighter controls, lots more loot and refinements. It also promises some areas above ground and in the wilderness complete with weather and other features. Torchlight was also a single player game with no way to play the wonderful adventure with others, Torchlight II is set to remedy this and Runic Games are hard at work implementing cooperative play at long last and making sure that the game is tweaked for more than one player. We can't wait to get a sample of this great dungeon crawler later on in the year and are looking forwards to seeing what surprises that Runic have cooked up for us this time.

Diablo 3: Diablo and Diablo 2 are arguably some of the best fantasy hack and slash action this side of Dungeon Siege and Blizzard have been fairly light on any kind of info involving 3. We know its coming and we know some of the classes, we've seen a lot of footage that shows off the various classes in action and some of the game's features but we're still in the dark as to how all of it fits together. Diablo 3 is taunting us from the shadows, we expect to see something about it from E3 which is in a couple of week's time and we can't wait to find out more and play it whenever Blizzard decides it is ready. Just remember that they're known for delays and try not to keep your hopes up too high.

You may wonder why Skyrim hasn't been included, there's a reason for this. Skyrim fits in a different mould to the dungeon hack and slasher. There's going to be an in-depth spotlight on the game when we learn more and until then we just have to console ourselves with the gameplay trailer, narration from Max Von Sydow and the awesome music.