So here we are... the PS3 is a strong console, so is the 360, the Wii has established itself as a family entertainment centre, and fitness centre. The 360 and the PS3 duke it out regularly in the game charts, each respective company caught in the middle and the gamer, the gamer pays for the corporation's war through the nose.

You have a favourite game, it's out on two consoles but you really wanted it for the other, because that's where your friends game. Hold on though because to tempt you, Sony or Microsoft has put exclusive 'only on this console' DLC out for the game.

So you buy it for the one console, forgoing all other iterations of the game on the other console. Like say, Mafia 2's DLC released for their recent game. Jimmy's Betrayal: a piece of DLC that you only get on the PS3 that introduces a new character that we could care less about.

This comes free with a code if you buy the PS3 retail copy of the game, 360 owners are left out in the cold, only getting their hands on Jimmy's Vendetta: a short-changed bit of DLC that attempts to grind out a few more hours from Mafia 2 and make it into an open world game like GTA IV, sorry folks, a little too less, too late.

Batman Arkham Asylum: play as the Joker on the PS3, the same kind of deal here, play as something specific on a particular console, cutting off the consumers nose to spite their face.

This exclusive DLC direction is pretty naff if you ask me. I own numerous consoles but I'd like the choice to buy a game, with DLC on either console, so that I can choose which one to support myself, not be forced into supporting that console because the DLC I want is on that console.

The same goes for exclusive anything really, quit it with the damn exclusive games on other consoles. Just put the things out and let people choose, you'd get a few more consumers that way instead of letting gamer elite wage the constant console war. Oooh PS3 is so much better than 360, 360 kicks PS3's ass.

Let me tell you something, PC owns all consoles. Just kidding, but you see how stupid it all is right?

Additional features for a game, like Just Cause 2 having video recording and Microsoft not allowing anyone to record on their hard drive, that's a big pile right there, considering that Halo 3, ODST and Reach all have a recording feature and it's pretty damn good. Now of course it isn't true video recording, since it's only mapping motion and applying it to the game characters exactly as its recorded, but it is still saving data onto the drive.

The truth of the matter is that Just Cause 2 had an exclusive feature on the PS3 version to tempt buyers into getting that one, you can record and upload to YouTube directly, big whoop, considering the game looked and played better on 360, sorry PS3 owners, but that's true.

Mass Effect 2 was a 360 only title, I'm thrilled that PS3 gamers will be able to experience this, but that's not because the 360 is losing its exclusives one by one, it's because BioWare woke up and smelled the MONEY along with EA. Locking yourself to one platform is great for a couple of game, sure it drives sales, but eventually you're going to have to broaden your horizons.

Case in point, the developers of Heavenly Sword: Their next game, Enslaved, not a PS3 exclusive - see where this is going industry? Yes, they woke up and smelled the MONEY too.

To move forwards this industry has to realise that region locking, exclusivity and the like are concepts that belong in the dark ages of gaming, there's nothing more palatable to gamers than being given choice. Don't lock your games to just one platform, same goes for DLC or you'll just create a gamer who over time resents you, your company and the product you sell.

Look at the bad blood between PS3 and 360 gamers, with their constant flame wars across a myriad of forums.

Or perhaps that's what you want?

Do you thrive on the tears of a thousand lamenting customers Sony?

I bet you do and you Microsoft...

As for Nintendo!

We all know a great and formless horror lurks at the heart of that company, something dark and sinister, and something... Mario...