Welcome to another of our leaps into the world of downloadable content for the Xbox 360. Without further ado, let's dive right into the mix with a nice chunk of DLC from our good friends at Bethesda.

Point Lookout: This marks the fourth instalment of the Fallout 3 DLC from Bethesda and it's a good one. Right from the get go you can see this is something special, perhaps the best DLC so far for the game. Fallout 3 is one of those titles that just won't quit and we're glad about that, any excuse to get back into the Capital Wastelands and continue exploring the massive world that Bethesda have created for the game is fine by us. So, Point Lookout seems to be about a fifth in size of the Capital Wasteland and it's freely exportable, adding another HUGE chunk of open world style game play to the already massive locations in Fallout 3.

You'll get a note from Captain Tobar telling you where to go, he's offering passage to any mercenary, adventurer or freebooter that's wanting to do some exploration. You're drawn into Point Lookout fairly slowly at first and then things really snowball. Bethesda have pulled out all the stops and we're not going to give the game away by giving you any spoilers at all here...there are a few key locations that are just really awesome, again, no spoilers.

Point Lookout is packed with interesting residents and there are quite a few new enemies to encounter, especially a few which are definite nods to the Hills Have Eyes or movies to that effect. It's wise to make sure that you've got a fair few weapons on your person and you know how to use them, Point Lookout isn't for the faint hearted. The main story of Point Lookout follows the usual squabbling factions, lets you choose a contrasting outcome and comes across as some of the best story based DLC to date. Hint, Lionhead, this is how DLC really needs to be done.

It offers the player a good degree of replay value, since you could change your actions if you play it again. The game adds some new perks (as per the other DLCs) and the new areas are certainly worth the time to explore, the new loot will be useful for people without power armour and energy based weapons, but if you already have those - well, you can always trade for caps when you eventually complete Point Lookout or hang onto certain items that take your fancy. It is easy to see that Point Lookout is one of the best DLC packs to come out of Bethesda to date; this gives us high hopes for Mothership Zeta.

The overall quality of Point Lookout and the price at just 800 is excellent, Bethesda have really tightened things up regarding quality and content in this expansion. It's definitely one to get and you can't miss out. With a lot to do and a huge area to explore it's a must have DLC for the game.