The Villagers are Revolting, they Smell Bad to

Well the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj are open I can go back to my grinding faction if Felwood. Really it was that exiting. During the 3 hour wait for the guilds with the sceptre parts to open the gates, lots of people got very frustrated and angry because the gates were never open at the pre-arranged time. All sorts of rumours were thrown around and excuses given, but no really solid reason for the delay. The real reason seemed to be that the servers would crash under the load of nearly 2000 players trying to take out a handful bosses. This was never made very clear, and never explained by the guild with the sceptre. In fact they were just getting some monkeys to tell people to go away, even as far as saying go to the other continent, which did not sit very will with anyone. Eventually after 3 hours of bitching and moaning people started to leave, however a rather amusing bug appeared which let about 50 people through the gate about 1 hour earlier, I’ll mention that later.

So the people thinned out and the gates finally open, to show us all what we had been working for, this was it, this was supposed to be the most exiting thing in the world. I think my words were, ‘Is this all!’ Not the best end to such a long plotline, in fact it was only good if you’re in a guild that has done every raid in the game several times before. All we got was about 7 bosses which you needed a 40 man raid to take down, and two new instances. One 20 man instance which seemed to be okay from the limited time we were in there, and a 40 man instance. The 40 man instance we tried but it seems you need to be Ube3r 1337 to do it, as the first thing you meet does 6000+ area effect damage, rendering half the raid dead in the first attack.

So my overall thoughts of the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, were that it was rather a large let down. All that time and effort wasted gathering supplies to open two raids that I will probably never get to do. I’m sure Blizzard said the world plot will have something for everyone. However they forgot to mention the end result you probably won’t ever see. I have to say ‘Come on Blizzard you can do better than this.’ All this hype all this build up for 2 instances, I was hoping to see hundreds if not thousands of low level mobs rush out and head to areas around the world, to start attacking, that would have been exiting and had a little something for every player.

Had I know that it was going to be that exiting I would have sat and cut my toenails that evening rather than log on.

Bug of the Week – ‘Pre Gate Opening Party’
As I mentioned earlier in this article a bug allowed some of us to get through the gates early, this was probably the most excitement of the evening. About 50 of us sat there on the other side of the gate wondering what to do now, after a while a hand full had stayed as the others hearthstoned out. It was really boring on the other side; all you could do is sit and wait for the gates to open. I was given a chance to see what could be the main reason for them to shove everyone on to the other continent. As the guilds who collected the sceptre parts had already organised their raid groups, and rushed through the gate ignoring the bosses that spawned in and headed straight for the raid instances. It would seem their reason for not wanting people around was so they could get the new stuff first and claim Ub3r 1337n355.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Hopefully Will – ‘A really good world plot line that has something for everyone.’
Yes, this is me being at my most sarcastic. With the forthcoming expansion ‘The Burning Crusade’ I hope, no I really hope there is something for everyone. If the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, are anything to go by I fear the worst. If all were going to get is high level raids, two new races and some new starting areas, I think a lot of people will quit the game. So I’m hoping that Blizzard pulls there socks up and really shows us what a world storyline can be and how it can be good for every level of character and not just for lvl 60+ characters.