Send you Heart to someone, and your Liver, Giblets, Ears and Brain.

Another week and the world plot drags on, the War Effort seems to have lost it novelty for some, even on the newer realms things are moving at a snails pace. I’m glad to say a few realms have managed to get the gates open, and Blizzard seem to be a little more committed to updating the War Effort page.

On the horizon is patch 1.10 and 1.11, both of these patches promised to offer up what Blizzard wanted to put in to the game from the start. Many of the features that will be coming soon were to buggy or did not work right, so did not get put in the game at release. A few of the new features will be weather effects, and the floating city of Nexxramas, which will be flying into a parking space above the Western Plaguelands. It seems a lot will be added, in the run up to the first Expansion, yet I wonder when we will get access to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, and what will be in them.

It’s been another odd week of slaying and killing, killing and slaying, oh and rescuing chickens. Though there is a lot in the world of Azeroth for the discerning Horde member, there still seems to be a bias to the Alliance. Another example of this Alliance Bias is the distribution of Mini-Pets. It’s seems some of these pets are only available to Alliance members, and us poor ole Horde don’t get anything fun or exiting. I’m hoping that the expansion will bring the more fun stuff for the Horde players, and correct a rather uneven balance of quests and toys.

Event: Valentines Day
Love is in the air, and the perfume and chocolates are all over. A new quest thread has hit us which leads us to finding out where some exotic perfume is made. However this is rather boring compared to who of the denizens of Azeroth choose to give there hearts to. Possibly the most disturbing match made in heaven, or is that made in hell, is the Tauren who wants you to take a card to his lover who is a member of the undead residing in the Undercity. This has to come under the category of ‘Cross Species Bestial-Necrophilia.’

Bug of the Week – ‘Transdimensional Foe’s
This is probably the most annoying and amusing bug I have come across, on the odd occasion you will target a foe, and start to attack it at range with a pet, but the foe will keep moving yet the pet stays attacking it. Even though the foe is stood next to you, it’s actually stood next to your pet as well being attacked. Yet you cannot attack it either at range or in close combat, because it’s registered as being next to your pet. A quick solution is to move away to one side so you can blast it with your gun or bow. The bit that makes me laugh is the high speed run they make back to where they are supposed to be, just so they can drop down dead.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won’t – ‘Acme Anvil’
One of the most annoying things about Engineering and Blacksmithing is you have to find an Anvil. However with the ‘Acme Anvil’ you’re never short of one, just pull this handy ‘Acme Anvil’ out of your pocket and hammer away. The ‘Acme Anvil’ can also be used in an offensive capacity with the handy rocket boosters it will fly above an enemy and drop on its head form a great height, rendering said foe dazed for 5 minutes. The ‘Acme Anvil’ for all your metalworking, tweeting birdies and comic needs.