Aliens Assimilated the Coastline?

It’s been another interesting week in Azeroth, it’s started out with patch 1.9.1, or as I would call it a bug insertion program. The update brought in a warping bug, this reminded me of the old game Sentinel, where by your character would teleport around. Anyway we only had to put up with this new bug for 24 hours before a fix was released. It makes me wonder if this bug was designed to test the users patience rather than fix an outstanding issue. Humm… If we go down that line it would lead only to the ‘Dark Side of the Treacle,’ and as we know the truth is out there. The last thing we want is ‘Powler Mul’dhar,’ investigating such thing.

The bugs aside, things have been plodding along as expected, the War Effort, shows the only real casualty of war is the new and low capacity realms. It does make me wonder how Blizzard will handle things if the some realms don’t meet there quota. If they had of fired up paid character Migrations, then the realms in the lead probably would collapse under the strain of transfers. The thing this part of the story line shows is, where the most organised and highest level characters and guilds are which in a way may push players to create new alts on these realms. This leaves blizzard in a sticky situation, as it’s disheartening and frustrating being on a server which has only just reach 10% when some are over 60% now. Those poor players will be stuck knowing that they might have to wait weeks before they get anywhere near the number of supplies needed. Either that or pop on to e-bay and buy a high level character on a server which is close to getting everything.

I do have to add on observation that has been taken from an extended period on the World Defence channels. When will they change the message ‘Crossroads in under attack’ to the more apt one, ‘Crossroads isn’t under attack.’ As in my observations it seems that Crossroads spends more time under attack than it doesn’t.

Out in Forum land there is a hotly debated topic, ‘What will the new Alliance race be?’ Blizzard have not been forthcoming with this info yet, if anything they have tried to stir up the pot a little more with a blue post or two. I can say this from the bottom of my pitted black heart (well I am horde), if it’s Pandarens, then I’m migrating to a PvP server and hunting every last one down. I’m sorry if you want to be a panda, join a Kiss tribute band, because playing a Panda is just too silly. What will you want to play next Chinchillards?

The RP realms are still as weird as ever, if it’s not a group of Warriors comparing the size of the pieces, it’s a bunch of Elves with names like ‘Lego’lush.’ I’m not putting these realms down; I’m saying there seems to be some lack of imagination when it comes to naming characters. At least a good, time hardened, role-player like myself is in their element; as my female Paladin, seems to be the kinda gal who people just want to give expensive stuff to.

Bug of the Week – ‘Assimilation’
It would seem to the casual Observer that the Venture Co. or possibly the Night Elves have been secretly working with the ‘Borg.’ About 15-20 minutes swim down the coast of Feralas heading towards the south-west section of Kalimdor, there is something afoot. As you swim along you will notice a large part of the coastline is missing, as though carved out by laser beams and taken away, leaving a flat white surface at sea level and sheer walls with square corners. It’s probably more of programmers oversight, did they really think that out of the millions of gamers someone would not notice the coast has been taken away. Well let’s hope whoever took it puts it back before the expansion and the flying mounts come in to action.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won’t – ‘The Zug Space Hopper’
This is a unique Mount; it reduces speed by 50%, but increases hilarity by 300%. The Zug Space Hopper stops all aggro from Humanoid, Undead and Dragonkin: causing a dazed affect until you pass by as your foe is rolling around on the floor laughing. The spherical nature of the space hopper makes it a rather interesting mode of transport as you spend more time on your face sucking up dirt than you do riding the thing. Yet its creators believe it will catch on, and soon every citizen of Azeroth will have one.