Melodrama at ‘The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj’

Well it was a big update, and lots of things happened some of them were deliberate but the most of them were unintentional. The most noticeable impact of Patch 1.9 was the server downtime, some severs took days to be reinstated and others are still having problems nearly a week later. Still the denizens of Azeroth, are afflicted with unscheduled server restarts and more bugs than can be found in a termite mound.

Yet as life moves forwards and so does the world story line, well for some realms (servers) it does anyway. This leaves some questions about the future for some realms, many of them will have gathered enough War Supplies to advance the world storyline by the end of the month, yet a few might not make it at all; especially the newer ones.

So what will happen on the realms that get left behind, will the players on those realms suddenly get an accelerated story line, or will they have to work through the story before they can plough into the events leading up to ‘The Burning Crusade Expansion.’ Well I cannot imagine those realms will have to wait before they can play the expansion, but it would be funny if the game worked that way.

Other things to hit in 1.9 are the unified auctions houses, this now means Ironforge and Orgrimmar, aren’t crammed to the teeth with Mules running around trying to sell every green item they can, and scamming new players.

Warlocks get a better time of things; well those who are in established guilds. The new ‘Soul Shard Bags’ are a great way to keep up to 24 shards in one specialised bag. However without Tailoring through the roof, you’re not going to be able take advantage of these bags until you reach a point where you don’t really need them; or unless you have the Gold to spend in the auction house. Paladins also get a revamp, however it’s still debatable as to whether they are worth playing yet or if they should be completely forgotten about until the Expansion.

Bug of the Week – ‘Landfish’
I would say the best bug I have seen this week is the ‘Landfish’. Whilst fishing in ‘Stranglethorn Vale’ I noticed a fish swimming about in the water. After a few minutes the fish swam onto the river bank and off into the forest. Either the Venture Co. has been polluting the water far more than usual or something has gone wrong with the path finding.

Things I would Like to see Happen but Won’t – ‘Dizzifits Elf Cannon VX:5*’
After, dieing in the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale, I headed back to my body to resurrect; as any longstanding Horde member would do. However I get back to my body to find an Elf/Rogue stood there watching my corpse. ‘Oh Joy!’ ran through my head, (some other things ran through my head as well, but I cannot put this on a public website), as I hit the accept button, the enviable happened, the honour kill farmer stealthed and killed me within a few seconds.

This won’t ever happen but it ran through my mind. ‘Dizzifits Elf Cannon VX:5.*’ A Goblin made device for reserved Horde associate; it can only be activated within 10 seconds of a character resurrection. The device is used to fire one elf** 100 yards away form the newly resurrected Horde character; this will ensure those honour farmers don’t camp your corpse.

* May Contain Nuts.
** May also be used on Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes.