One of the interesting developments over recent years is the fact that games have started migrating FROM phones TO PCs. Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is the first one I have encountered and, if they are all like this, I am encouraged. Rimelands is a turn-based RPG with a 3D-isometric layout similar to Arcanum or Diablo. You play Rose Cristo and lead her adventures through the game fighting man, beast and faerie through a fairly Nordic steampunk world in search of something I am not quite sure of but is sure to be fairly interesting. The world is pretty and well laid out as is the storyline and there seems to be enough there to make even serious gamers come back for more.

The combat system is interesting. To fight each player rolls virtual dice. Skulls cause damage (if you are the attacker) and shields block it (if you are defending). This leads to fairly simple and slick combat and I found it to enhance rather than detract from the rest of the game. Character progression is via skill trees. Fairly standard, I know, but still a reasonably solid way of advancing. In fact 'reasonably solid' is a good way of describing this game. All of it was good but none of it excelled. Still well worth a play though.