The latest entry in the award-winning Need For Speed series will allow you to thoroughly experience the thrill and depth of driving the most storied and technologically advanced sports cars in the world from Porsche's extensive 50 year history. Staying true to Porsche's philosophy of building performance cars that could be raced competitively as well as put through their paces on city streets, players will be able to drive Porsche's historic and future line-up of models starting with the 1948 356 Roadster to the newest 2000 996 Porsche Turbo along with famous race cars from over the years. Need for Speed: Porsche 2000 also boasts two new modes that will enable players to drive and race the Porsche's of their dreams either in exciting racing situations to progress through a career or in open road situations that rewards them for pushing the cars to their limits.

It's 1948. Your dream has come true. You've been hired as a Porsche Test Driver at the prestigious Porsche test facility in Stuttgart, Germany. Your new job requires you to perform vehicle and skill performance tests of various Porsche models on the test track and the open road, as well as dodge traffic and police to deliver Porsche cars to various locations around the world. The better you are, the more powerful the cars that you are entrusted to test and deliver.

Your passion for cars drives you to want to own the fastest and most coveted Porsche of the future. To achieve this you must earn it and prove your abilities. You start by buying what you can afford - perhaps an older model second-hand Porsche. To supplement your wages, you painstakingly tune your car, enter races on the weekends and earn prize money. As you build up your driving skills, and your earnings, you are able to buy, sell and upgrade your way to more advanced cars and race venues.

Time progresses and the car marketplace changes with it. New model years are now available for testing and for purchase, older customised cars are perhaps now more affordable, dfferent parts and tuning kits are being bought, sold and traded. Only the best Test Drivers are granted licenses to race the most powerful of Porsche's road and race car stable. But learning pays off, as the skills learned on the job pay back with winning at the race track.You make smart choices in what and when you buy, what and when you sell, which cars to make investments in with tuning and upgrade kits, when to repair or replace which parts, the races to enter and the cars to enter with. There are continuous decisions and endless combinations of ways to advance your career.

Your ultimate goal is to earn your way to the year 2000, where the future holds cars you can only dream of. But it's not just about winning the game, rather it's about how you perform.

Key Features

- Multiple game modes

- Quick action: "mission" based quick action game modes that deliver instant, accessible, and addictive gameplay. Includes oncoming traffic and cops that give pursuit.

- Deep Career "RPG" gameplay: Classic RPG gaming elements applied to a racing game. Start out as a young, and build up your skills and inventory over time.

- Persistent economy, where cars and their parts wear out based on mileage, age and type of use. The player can access a complete selection of new and used cars and parts in a true economy of supply and demand. The bid or ask price will determine the sale. New model year vehicles, and their associated parts and tuning kits, are added to the economy as time progresses in the game.

- Multi-Player: up to eight players over LAN or Internet

- Highly detailed car models, with multiple reflections and transparent windows showing 3D cockpits and drivers with new additional animations. Hard and soft tops, as well as convertibles will be featured. Paint reflections will dull over the course of racing, as the car gets dusty and dirt sprays up onto paint.

- 40 Porsche car model variations: every body type (Targa, Coupe, Cabriolet, Turbo) and the most significant performance specs spanning the entire Porsche lineage of 1948 to 2000. From classics like the "James Dean" 550 Spyder, the highly revered 911 line up, to the race-bred LeMans winners.

- Complete car customization, including the official Porsche catalogue of parts, tuning kits, colours, number decals, racing stripes, and player's name (on front windshield and license plate).

- Vehicle repair & maintenance: progressive damage affects the look and feel of each car. Mechanical condition of the cars wear over time based on mileage and age. Repair shop allows player to repair individual parts of the car. Repairing cosmetic damage is optional, but significant body or mechanical damage must be fixed to enter races.

- True four-point physics model, to simulate the subtleties of each car model, car upgrades, detailed car settings, and damaged car parts. Includes driver assists for easy accessibility to novice players.

- Bigger and more dynamic collisions, with better ability to control the car "on the edge" between having four wheels on the ground and lifting off into the collision model.

- Cutting-edge 3D worlds and special effects, featuring various times of day and dynamic weather conditions.

- 9 open road, and 3 purpose built race tracks, with true forked path capabilities which allow alternate routes, road intersections, true on and off ramps, and short-cuts.

- Play your own CD feature on PC

- Interactive high-detail replay mode with save feature

- Porsche Showcase, which features video, slides, narration, statistics and Porsche history throughout the last 50 years.

- Dolby Surround music and audio effects, including bigger collision sounds, ambient roadside noises, and authentic Porsche engine tones (which differ in a Coupe, Targa, and Cabriolet)

- Native peripheral support: analog devices, dual-shock/force feedback, memory cards for exchanging game data and cars with friends

- Car graphics scaleable to system performance: five different car resolutions with high-end 3D cards supporting 2000 poly cars, animating convertible tops, doors, hoods, trunks, driver, progressive visible car damage according to the intensity and the frequency of the crashes, crushable roof-line after rollovers (in-car, as well as external views).

- Highly detailed 3D cockpits, complete immersion into the cockpit with authentic animated and illuminated dashboards, authentic engine sounds and cockpit noises (shifting, squeaks, rattles, etc.) Online play:

- Online play (with distributed server model)

- Download new cars

- Download new Factory Driver missions and bonuses

- Records and "ghost race" posting and exchange

- Matchmaking and chat