TRANS, a new and innovative game from WizCom is beginning to gain some momentum as its release date approaches and more and more people realize what this game really is about.


TRANS takes place in the year 2250. At this time, the earth as we know it is dead, replaced with a utopia known as Eladia. This world is a heaven on earth, with no famine, poverty, or diseases. Everyone is happy. At the centre of this society is a game simulation known as TRANS, in which every citizen must participate.


Despite being a mech kind of game, TRANS has many more features that separate it. First of all, this game takes place in third person view. The game requires you to be very dynamic, yet smart at the same time. It combines action, teamplay and strategy in a fun and exciting way. You will be able to control 21 different Robots, over 30 weapons and a lot of specials. In addition every Robot can transform into another form, in which it has different abilities to master situations the other form cannot.

We have been assured that the single player missions will be very fun, but everyone knows that multiplayer is just so much darn fun. This game will have many multiplayer options and a great deal of focus is being put on the teamplay aspect. Different transformers have different capabilities; most players will handle very well certain types, while being mediocre with others. Thus, teams of players with different skills can assemble and divide the control of robots between themselves.


A playable demo is not yet ready for release; however, the trailer and screenshots give a glimpse of what this game is about. The in game cinematics prove to be something special and the high system requirements point to a lovely game (but we always know specs don't mean much =).


One of this games best features seems to be its soundtrack. It features original trance music developed specifically for this game.

As I said, there has not been a playable demo, and this preview is very early. As soon as I receive any more info and the demo, I will update this preview with TRANS: Part II.