Muscle Run is an endless runner but with muscle cars. You start off with lower tier cars and complete missions to getting the nicer cars as you upgrade the ones you own along the way. The main draw to Muscle Run is that the game looks pretty good, the car models stand out, but as iPhones/iPads get more powerful, making a good looking game isn't as rare as it used to be. You are driving your muscle car down a highway filled with traffic to steer around as you collect money and collectables that either helps you keep going or provide obstacles.

There is a 'story' mode but really there isn't much to it besides reaching goals like surviving for a certain distance, whereas the endless mode is to keep going as far as you can. The cash that you pick up in these modes are used for upgrades, paint jobs and buying better muscle cars.

Unlike other endless runners, when you hit an obstacle in Muscle Run it isn't game over but it will do damage. This keeps each level going on for longer than the shorter times you would get when it's one hit and you're dead, but it also means that levels sometimes feel too long when you goal involves surviving long distances. Unfortunately I never felt that there was enough in the game to keep pushing on and unlocking more cars. Roads never change enough and weaving through traffic just isn't that exciting which is further hurt by the fact that hitting any cars brings you to a nearly sudden stop. In many cases the car didn't move aside for a long time which meant I was pushing it around as I was trying to get back to moving forward.

There are a few different control methods; tilt, touch and swipe. It's always a pleasant surprise when endless runners provide extra methods besides tilt as you're not always in an ideal situation to be tilting the phone about. With the early cars the steering can feel sluggish but then they are muscle cars so they possibly aren't meant to be doing any precision lane to lane changing.

Muscle Run is free now so you have nothing to lose but your time! There are in-app purchases but it is really dependant on how badly you want the more expensive cars. You don't need the purchases as you earn money in the game and if you spend money on the best cars there would be a whole lot less to do.


Muscle Run is a different take on an endless runner by turning it into a racer. It's not a bad game, just average. At least the game is free so there is no harm in giving it a try if you enjoy car games and nice visuals. If only there was more to do in it!!