This isn't the first time that R-Type has appeared on iOS devices. Originally published by EA, it had been pulled but now it has been re-released through the iOS versions developers DotEmu.  

R-Type is a difficult game, it always has been and no matter how many times it gets ported that will likely never change. In this version there is now an endless lives mode called 'Unlimited'. This is a godsend if you aren't the greatest at side scrolling shoot em up's, or just not good at R-Type, but it doesn't make the game any easier. The checkpoints are quite spaced out so you still have to have some skills and the ability to remember enemy formations -with the amount of times you'll likely be dying you'll get to practice and learn.

At the end of the day this is R-Type, if you want to re-live this classic game then this is the version to get. If you haven't had a chance to play it before, the unlimited mode makes it all the more accessible. If you still have the previous release then this is a harder recommendation (although this is unlikely given it has since been pulled from the store). If you have an iPhone 5 then the new version supports the screen size and as before the unlimited lives and checkpoints are a pretty good incentive to give this game a try.

Visuals are the same as they've ever been. If you want you can add in varying degrees of scanlines, or remove the filter that smooths out the graphics. None of the options change the gameplay but its nice to have the options.

The game has two different control methods: virtual buttons, or touch screen controls where you are dragging the ship around the screen with your finger. I recommend the touch screen option. For a game that requires such precision, dragging the ship around gives you the most screen to see what's coming and it allows for much tighter controlling. If you have an iCade controller you can also use that, this is likely the best way to play it if you have one.


Love R-Type and need to have it on the go? Then you'll want this version. If you haven't played R-Type but love tough as nails sidescrolling shoot 'em ups then you'll also want this. If you're after a more easy going game then you should give this a miss, R-Type is always punishing and there are no shortage of games like this that are more friendly for the non-hardcore. Ultimately this is the best version you'll get on a touch screen and for those masochists out there.