Harry is a chef and his vegetables have gone bad - zombie bad, so strap on your gun and grab your cleaver and put those vegetables back in the ground. In Bloody Harry you'll go from level to level and kill everything on screen, whether it is vegetable zombies or zombiefied objects like bins and tables. Every few levels there is a boss fight that pits you against an even bigger vegetable monster.

At first, Bloody Harry is a pretty fun 2D brawler style game. You can move, shoot or chop your way through the vegezombie hoards as they start showing battle damage before dropping some cash or ammo. But this fun only lasts for so long. After playing a few levels I realised that the backgrounds were barely changing. At first I thought something had broken and lost all my progress but it wasn't the case; level after level is nearly the same. This brings up the biggest issue with this game and that is the game is very repetitive. Sure, being an iPhone game means that people are playing for short periods so games don't have to be the most varied, hell there's games that can be enjoyable even though there is little change of scenery. The way that the levels work though in Bloody Harry means there isn't much need for different backgrounds but having two of them makes the game feel like you're repeating the same levels over and over again. I guess in a way you are. Even the bosses are regularly re-used as there are only two of them. One of the things that might keep you going is trying to achieve the three objectives that go towards levelling up your Harry. This gives him perks such as more health or dealing more damage. The objectives aren't really things you have to go out of your way to do as you'll likely complete them just by playing the game for long enough.

Visually the game is alright, the way the vegezombies come apart as you shoot them is entertaining. I also liked the music at the beginning of the game, it felt like it was going for a grindhouse feel. Harry himself injects a lot of one liners into proceedings which were alright at the beginning, but like the levels, the same thing over and over got old fast.

There's in-app purchasing present in Bloody Harry - you can earn coins and crowns. The coins are used for buying and upgrading guns and ammo. You can find enough coins in the game to keep one or two guns upgraded at a decent rate. Crowns are used for buying allies that will help you for one level. or you can get some body armour. Crowns are rarer to earn but not worth purchasing for what you can buy with them.  



Bloody Harry as a game is much like the vegetable zombies he kills on masse; what started off as a plain vegetable that can be good to consume goes bad and becomes a reanimated shambling corpse that just keeps coming at you over and over again and man it gets boring beating up the same zombie. There are plenty of 2D brawler/shooter games of this sort on the app store and the same goes for zombie games, there's even lots of zombie brawler/shooter games, Bloody Harry is just another one of these. If you can't get enough of these sorts of games then maybe this game is worth your time, otherwise it's easy to skip.