Pyramus is a RTS game which sees you guiding spaceships in battles. There doesn't seem to be any story outside of mission descriptions, but it seems an alien race with advanced technology is invading.

Most missions in Pyramus will only take a few minutes to complete. This makes it easy for mobile gaming, although at the same time it means the missions are pretty basic. There are the usual forms of missions in RTS: destroy everything, support, defend and survival. There are only twenty missions outside of the 4 tutorial missions, but the game is tough so it might take some time to get through them all. This game does require a certain level of tactics, sending in the wrong ships into a battle can get them quickly destroyed.

A real obstacle I had in enjoying this game was that every time I slide my finger across the screen to look around the field, it would pause the battle. I can understand it's likely there to make battles more manageable, although I felt it came at the cost of fluid gameplay. Ship pathfinding also seemed to be dangerously ineffective, as I had to micromanage every ship in battle and constantly make sure they were following their target. Once I was in battle I had to almost constantly direct my ships to keep attacking the same target and to redirect them in the right directions. Recently Haunted Cow Studios updated the game, so I replayed the game a bit to see how much it has changed. A few missions in and the AI has improved slightly, but the issues still remain.

All the space ships have their own look and it's not hard to distinguish the fighter ships from the larger support frigates. They all have their own speeds and manoeuvrability to take into account and to get the most out of all your ships you have to be aware of their special abilities and attacks. The game is not that great at teaching you the importance of these abilities and when might be the most useful. For a mobile game there isn't the time to learn through failing over and over until you get it right.


As much as I wanted to enjoy a space RTS on my mobile I found it difficult when I had to micromanage my ships to do any task. It isn't a broken game or even an unplayable one, but the missions never feel fun and the game it difficult for reasons that don't add to the challenge. Maybe down the track if there's more missions added and further tweaking to your ship's AI this game will become a fun RTS, but at the moment it's not.