One of the notes included on the app store page for CRUSH mentions that if you can survive longer than 2 minutes then you're doing well. I'm lucky to just make the two minute mark. In CRUSH there are descending blocks filling up the screen of three different colours. You tap one and it also clears the same colour blocks that are connected to it. The reason why two minute games are the average play time are not so much because it's difficult, it's because the game is fast moving and you're constantly fighting to keep up.

There are three different modes in this game.

'Think' is the slowest paced game where you can take your time to strategically clear groups of blocks and each time you clear blocks another chunk of blocks fill the screen.

'React' is speedy block clearing with constantly descending blocks. The surge of blocks is smaller compared to Think mode to thankfully keep it more manageable.

'Crush' is the final mode. This is more of a combination of the previous two modes as the blocks are always descending at a rate similar to how many descend at once in Think mode, at the same speed as React.

Regardless which mode you choose, chances are you'll be lucky to make it to the two minute mark. But with such short rounds it's easy to hit retry and aim for even longer.

An incentive to get better at the game and to keep playing is to unlock the powerups, starting off with the fairly useless 'Remix' which scrambles the colours. You'll unlock the other powerups at a fairly solid rate with the best one saved for last, 'Duet', which reduces the blocks to two colours for some easy scoring and block clearing that nearly cleared the screen for me. Once you unlock all the powerups though the only incentive is to get a better score. Not that it's a bad thing, but I always enjoyed trying out each new power when I earned it.


While it won't take long for you to be seeing the game over screen every few minutes, it's always tempting to retry. CRUSH is great for having a quick game while you have a few minutes to spare as you will be incredibly unlikely to have a single game last longer than that. If you want an easy to pick up and play game for short bursts of time with addictive gameplay for only a dollar then check out CRUSH.