Chubbins is a tough game; tough and often frustrating. Yet as I stay stuck on the same level for well over half an hour I keep trying and I still want to beat the level. Once I beat it no doubt the next level will hold new obstacles to keep me stuck for ages. The game is straightforward; you control a round bouncing bunny that is always moving, usually bouncing off of blocks that make you bounce higher. There are plenty of other obstacles in your way to bouncing to the end of the level: vanishing bouncing blocks, bouncing animals in your path, spikes and tractor beams that pull or push you around.

Controlling your bunny is simple enough. You can only move in two directions and half of the screen will make you move left and the other side goes right. You can never stop bouncing and you are never far from falling off the screen or hitting something. At least the controls work well and can never be blamed for going the wrong way, not that it will stop you from cursing them after one too many deaths by your own poor timing.

For such a challenging game, the visuals are cartoony and happy. You have your bunny bouncing around and other cute animals bouncing in your way. Along with the happy bouncy animals prepare for happy music, but if you happen to have trouble in the game then prepare to hear the same music over and over for as long as you take. I advise putting on some music instead.


Chubbins is a hard game to score. While it can be frustrating as soon as you hit the limit of your bouncing skills, I never stopped trying. There is definitely a market for a punishing, challenging game like this. With the resurgence of people wanting tough games that don't hold their hand (like Dark Souls), Chubbins is the game to punish yourself with. The game is hard to recommend because the game isn't tough because of broken controls or a broken game, but it has a very limited audience and they'll likely get a good challenge out of it.