You have woken up in a dungeon, no idea where you are or how you got there, so of course you want to get out. In this platformer you will meet spirits along the way that will help you manipulate blocks and platforms in the environment. New obstacles show up to help you learn what you can do with your new found skills. Earlier there is lots of moving platforms around like tetris pieces and finding where they need to go to help you move about the level. Later on you get to do more with the blocks, but it is still all about using them to help you reach the end.

Kyubo can get really difficult. Hazards kill you in one hit and you are often in harms way. Should you die you have to start back at the beginning of the level. If you're having trouble with a level it can become a case of trial and error to get safely through. Even once you know how to finish it the hazards are still there waiting to kill you. This might be more difficult than needed because your character moves like a rag doll and it can be hard to control quickly when you need to make fast movements or die on some spikes or fire.

Visuals & Sound

Kyubo plays in the portrait orientation, the level fits within the one screen and this was fine. It did mean the controls were squished down, and this also impacted on control. The rest of the visuals look fine and your character has a nice visual style, like some day of the dead costume.

The music had a relaxing atmospheric soundtrack. When I had the sound on it was the same music over and over, but if you play in short bursts like me it never became an issue.


Due to the controls being squished down into the bottom of the screen, it never feels natural to do the platforming required of you, especially at times where quick movement is needed. With the ragdoll movements, the jumping never feels as smooth as it should. It means more trial and error, but there is a fun game underneath all that.


Kyubo will challenge you. To earn the crown for each level will take some skilled platforming and level manipulation. Kyubo's floppy ragdoll jumping might make the game a little harder to play until you get used to it, but the cramped controls are even harder to adjust to. When you get past the cramped controls, the game is entertaining and there isn't a lot of puzzle platformers at the moment. Kyubo is a nice change from replicating Mario-style games.