Bloom Box has you organising a set of chain reactions using boxes that shoot seeds. When the seeds shoot out they then can hit other boxes to keep the chain going, or get a seed to land on a star to collect it. As is almost the standard now, there are three stars per level. You start off with a box that shoots seeds that cannot be moved and must form a chain reaction with every other box.

You don't have to collect three stars to pass each level but you have to trigger every block. I never felt like I could move on until I worked out how to get all three stars though. I found Bloom Box to be an addictive puzzler that was easier to plow through in the earlier levels, it never gets too hard so it works best taking on one or two puzzles at a time so you don't go through the 120 levels too quickly (more levels are coming). Some people who are good at puzzlers may find it easy to beat every level, but there are also others who might find it difficult so the level of challenge you get from this game is subjective, but regardless it's fun.

Visuals & Sound

Visually and musically Bloom Box is cute and cheerful, with happy flowers sprouting everywhere and covering the empty areas. Everything is clear to see and each block is easy to see the path the seeds will take once triggered.


Everything is controlled by dragging the seed blocks around. I never had any problems with this.

Are there any In-app purchases?

If you're having trouble unlocking all three gardens you can pay money to unlock them all. There is also another option with asking your friends to help, but I am unsure how this system works.


There isn't a lot to say about Bloom Box as it's a solid and very playable game. It is entertaining and addictive, and is difficult to fault unless you hate flowers and even then that's not a good enough reason!