Tweakers Asylum have posted a new PSU Tech Guide up. The guide goes over just about everything you would want to know about a typical PSU and how it relates to system performance. Also included in the guide is a comparison between two PSUs, an Antec and CompUSA model both rated at 250 watts. Quote:

    "So you just got that brand new 1.4 GHz TBird and a motherboard equipped with an AMD-761 Northbridge. The loudest HSF you could find rests atop your new CPU with a thin film of Artic Silver 2 giving you a perfect rippled pattern on the bottom when lifted off. Each stick of ram is tested at 266 MHz DDR CAS 2 and your RAID array gives you enough storage space to run your own ftp site. Well.. Let me tell you this, you're missing something, the power supply."