Warhammer Quest is a top-down turn-based RPG based on the Games Workshop board game of the same name. You control four adventurers through the many buildings and dungeons across the land. You'll start off with a Marauder, a Wood Elf Waywatcher, a Dwarf Ironbreaker and a Grey Wizard. Each are useful and you will need to play to their strengths to get the most out of each quest.

There is a world map where you move between villages. You might find quests on the map or when entering a village someone might ask you to do something for them; either way you're about to wind up in a dungeon knee-deep in spiders, rats, goblins and orcs. Random events can happen whilst on a quest but in my experience it's usually been a random attack. While travelling between quests and villages you can also come across encounters which may raise or lower your stats for the next dungeon.

Early on in the game you find yourself not earning much gold, and even items you sell don't give you much either. Tough choices have to be made: do I want to take in some healing items or do I need scrolls to increase stats? While it might be obvious, strategy is important in all areas of this game. The amount of items your characters can hold is limited to the rareness of the item. In the beginning, a lot of the items are common so you need to have your armour, weapons and then work out what other items there are room for. It could mean deciding between lifesaving health items or bombs or extra magic.

There is easily hours and hours of gameplay in this game, and once the game gets its hooks in you'll want to keep questing and levelling up your characters. Every now and then during quests, chances are high you'll have a frustrating encounter where you're already surrounded by monsters and then there is a random attack that catches you off-guard and ruins everything. If any of your characters die in the dungeon you lose all the kills they made, which puts their experience behind the others, so when you're caught off-guard in the final minutes of the quest and lose that progress it is frustrating, but unlikely to stop you from taking on another quest to make up for the loss of experience.


The game is played top-down so there hasn't been much need for detailed visuals, but the game still looks great. There shouldn't be any trouble telling which of your characters is which. Different kinds of enemies are easy to tell apart, even when the room is packed with them.

The only issue I found on the iPhone was that the text can be too small. To access the character sheets and inventory you have to hold it in portrait and it means the text is small to fit amongst everything else.


Music and sounds were standard fare. Warhammer is in medieval setting with some Lord of the Rings thrown in and the music reflects that. Sounds are fine too, weapons swinging, people and monsters grunting.


There weren't any issues with controls, only some of the selection boxes can be a bit small and hard to select on the phone, especially when you viewing inventory and character sheets.

What in-app purchases are there?

The IAP in this game is completely optional. There are three extra classes that you can add into your party, but they aren't needed to enjoy the game. You can also purchase gold which you earn in-game (unless you need a really expensive item right now!). Finally there is also an additional region and enemies in a 'Skeever' campaign. This add-on costs the same price as the game, though the additional content can potentially double your playing time.


Warhammer Quest has a lot of gameplay, I have played for quite a few hours and there is always something to do. While your enjoyment depends on your feelings about RPG games, it is easy to play and won't take long before you're clearing dungeons left and right. If you do get bored of the main game (which should take awhile) the Skeever DLC will extend the game by hours and provide more variety and is worth buying if you have the money.