In an interesting take on the Flight Control style of game, Men's Room Mayhem takes place in men's pub and club toilets around the world. In this line drawing game you have to direct the bathroom patrons to the urinal or toilet, make them wash their hands for extra points, and then make sure you get them out the exit without bumping into someone else and starting a brawl. It is fun in small doses, although there is a slow start to each level as the waves of patrons build up. For each new bathroom, the game introduces different kinds of patrons that might be slower/faster/stop other patrons from their path. This forces you to plan better when these patrons are around. The bathrooms also change urinal/toilet/sink placement to keep the game fresh.


The visuals are fine, as long as you don't mind a top-down view of the men's toilets. When there's a fight blood is left on the floor, and if you don't get them to the urinal in time then that's another mess. The screen can get very busy later on with waves of patrons walking all around the bathroom. However, the graphics make it clear who is where and when you fail it's not because of a busy screen.


The music changes from level to level to suit the theme of the bathroom, which all sound OK. But if you don't like to hear the sounds of people using the toilet you might want to turn off the sound effects.


Precision is very important in a line drawing game. You need to be able to direct a lot of people at once all around the bathroom, and when the room is full and you have more people needing the urinals then you have free urinals, you need to be able to do some split second timing. Unfortunately, Men's Room precision can fail you at times. The lines sometimes don't recognise the final destination and just guide your guy in the area and bouncing him off of the toilet and back out into the crowd of waiting patrons.

What are the in-app purchases?

For a dollar you can purchase the last two levels and the 3-minute blitz mode. It sucks that the blitz mode is not included in the original price. Blitz mode gives you three minutes to deal with as many patrons as you can and aiming for a high score. It is more action paced than the slow to start single player levels.


If you don't mind a bit of toilet humour, given that this game is centred on it, then you should check out Men's Room Mayhem. The fact that half of the game, the more challenging part of the game, is locked away behind in-app purchases sucks and the controls can be inaccurate at times. Overall there aren't many games coming out in this genre and this game is polished enough and mixes up the game mechanics enough to be worth a look.