Shrapnel Games announced today that Crosscut Games' RuneSword II Demo is now available for download from their website at

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "Pre-Sales of this RPG have been very strong, more than any game in our 2-year history, but we have also had many people asking for a demo. We are proud to announce the long awaited RuneSword II demo is now available!"

Richard Arnesen of Shrapnel Games added, "Coming on the heels of the demo is the news that the shipping date for RuneSword II has been moved form September 28th to October 2nd. We had some difficulties with shipping the Masters to our vendors, which ended up causing the release date change."

Features of RuneSword II include:

* Two full-length adventures, The Land Beyond and The Hunt.

* Four, mini adventures.

* Turn-based, strategic combat system that's fun and fast.

* New combat options that reflect latest RPG trends.

* 35+ skills with multiple levels.

* 13 races.

* Pick a response dialog.

* Diabolic creatures, insidious traps, fantastic magic items, you know the rest.

* Creator construction set and on-line community that adds more adventures.

* New AVI and MP3 support.

* Tome Wizard automatic adventure generator - just answer a few questions.