I am not a geek dot com have posted a review of the The Tyan K7 Tiger, this might be just what you are looking for if you want a dual Athlon system but the Tyan K7 Thunder is too expensive. It is missing some of the goodies from the Thunder but it is much cheaper. Heres a Quote:

    "If you are familiar with the TK7 the first item you will notice about the Tiger it has no where near the footprint the Thunder has. Overall when compared to its sibling the Tiger is smaller in size due to no longer needing the real-estate to occupy onboard SCSI, LAN, and Video. Another thing you will notice is that Tyan deployed the use of a regular 20pin ATX power plug; which is very well placed. The placement of the onboard IDE and floppy is a bit low and butted right up to my hard drive cage, but the case I'm using is a bit cramped for a workstation motherboard."