EuroGamer has posted its review of Tom Hall's epic sci-fi role-playing game, Anachronox. Is it a swansong for Ion Storm, or another unmitgated disaster from the studio that brought us Daikatana and Dominion? Here's a taster:

    "One area where the game's graphics can't be faulted are the special effects, which are in a league of their own. Even the most basic attacks result in a pyrotechnic display worthy of a Jean Michel Jarre concert, and the more powerful spells available towards the end of the game are every bit as spectacular as those seen in recent Final Fantasy titles. Gateways open to hideous alien dimensions, unleashing spectral horrors that impale your enemies on chains or fire off blinding shockwaves. Balls of fire rain down on your characters and spin around them like a tornado before converging on their body and exploding in a vast screen burning explosion. Sufferers of epilepsy and motion sickness should steer well clear of this game."