Zombie studios have created a cheap, multiplayer focused first person shooter that is a fantastic value for money. It contains 12 maps and multiple game modes including Black Ops mode which is a Co-op mode made for up to four players and has you trawling through levels killing enemies just to get to the end of the level.

Blacklight: Tango Down tells of the fight between the US Blacklight Special Forces and the US ex Special Forces called the Order. You get to play as either of these sides in a fast paced battle to the death. In order to accomplish this task you are given a few items that can help you, amongst these is the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV).

The HRV works like an upgraded version of Splinter Cell Convictions Sonar goggles allowing you to pinpoint enemies, friends and health stations by the icon or coloured dots that appear on the screen whilst activated. So you can easily spot where the battle is after respawning or find that sneaky enemy trying to hide in a corner. It has a cool down timer that stops you using them continuously to help balance out the game.

Digi Grenades create a sphere of energy that cause blindness in the area which is a worthy upgrade to a flash grenade but it affects you as well as you can't see into the energy sphere to kill the enemy that you have just blinded, instead try spraying the area with bullets in the hope you'll drop the enemy.

To stop enemies camping, the static spawn points the bases contain automated machine guns and players have a few seconds of invulnerability which doesn't sound like much but on these fast paced levels it is all you need. The level design is great with lots of tight enclosed alleyways as well as open spaces for the snipers amongst you.

As you earn Kills and Assists you are awarded experience points which unlock extra weapons, tags and parts. Weapon Parts come in four types Barrels, Stocks, Scopes and Magazines, These all have a bearing on how the weapon handles. Tags are small key ring like objects that are attached to your weapon and give you extra abilities or further increase your weapons statistics e.g. Faster Reload, Quicker Health Regeneration or a bonus to the damage, but you can only have one tag on a weapon at any one time so careful choice is required.

There are a few points that could have been addressed or need tweaking such as maybe the possibility of multiple spawn points on a map and more emphasis on the story rather than finding it in a how to play option in the menu screen, but you are getting the best looking Xbox Live Arcade game. As long as this title is well supported in DLC this is a lesson to developers on how an Xbox live game should be done with great graphics, simple game-play and enough content in the weapon customization to keep you playing until well after midnight.