Those interested in unravelling the complex Mystery of the Druids can sample the opening chapter for free - thanks to a new demo, released at

The game - which hit UK shelves last Friday (14th September) and is due for release across America on 30th October - sees players assume the role of Brent Halligan, a maverick detective who embarks on a heart-stopping adventure to prevent a renegade druid sect from awakening a devastating force.

This new demo presents the majority of the opening chapter - in which Brent is asked to solve what is believed to be a fairly straightforward but grisly murder. A body has been discovered in Epping Forest, and it very quickly becomes apparent that this hideous deed has wide-reaching implications.

In this opening chapter, players will need to survive a grilling from the Chief, visit the scene of the corpse and deal with forensics officers to try to establish how the victim died. As the sinister events unfold, Brent must enlist the help of the gorgeous Melanie Turner to aid his investigations.

The full game features an epic plot, which sees our heroes journey back in time in order to thwart the renegade druid uprising - and this new demo gives players a taste of what to expect from the full release.

The Mystery of the Druids is available in the UK now, priced £29.99. The US version will be released on 30th October.