Gamers Uplink have posted part 1 of a multi part series called "A Gamers Quest." This feature chronicles the quest of two of their staff members, Rocky and Quinton, to break into the gaming industry. This first part deals with the beginning of Rocky's first semester at First Sail, a well known institute for aspiring game developers. Here's an excerpt:

    "It's been a long road for me on my quest to break into the gaming industry and it's still just the beginning. I've started as the kid who begs his parent for the latest game and now I'm moving towards becoming a Game Designer. I'm currently attending a college in Winter Park, Florida called Full Sail: Real World Education, majoring in Game Design. They also offer other courses like Computer Animation, Recording Arts, Digital Media, Film and Video, and Show Production. It's a great path to choose if you want to get into the entertainment industry. Some may have heard about the college and some may have not, but many people have heard of Digipen, a college in Washington state where you can learn how to become a game programmer. Let me tell you all about Full Sail..."