Well with the recent price drops Hexus has had a look at the P4 1.7Ghz from this angle - is it a budget or more affordable unit? Well we can see around £90 - £110 difference in pricing from a UK perspective - Does this mean that it will overtake the Athlon or has it just lost its day? Snip:

    With the price of the P4 CPU falling rapidly at the moment, it finally comes within the reach of hardware enthusiasts looking to upgrade to an Intel system, whether or not they should do this is still in my eyes debatable. There are plus points to the P4 it does overclock well with the right motherboard, and it runs much cooler than the Athlon Thunderbird. Running at some silly clock speeds it certainly romps home with the title for the fastest 3DMark 2001 system. The other major plus point for the P4 is the fact that you aren't in any danger of crushing the core, which the Athlon is so prone to.