bluescreenofdeth has taken a look at a few of Everglide's products - the Attack Pad mousing surface, the Mouse Bungee and their Wrist Rest. Here's a snippet from the review:

    "The Mouse Bungee is an intresting product - to be totally honest i'm still not totally sure what the purpose of it is meant to be, but using my common sense (?!) and practical knowledge, i think it's basically designed to keep the mouse cord free and not tangled up in any stray objects littered around the desk. Personally, i've never really felt the need for this - if the cord is getting tangled up in somthing i usually just flick it out the way or pick it up and chuck it across the room. Having said that, after using the Mouse Bungee for a while, i can see the difference - there's no need to fish the snagging cord out from behind the desk every few minutes, and the mouse's movement isn't restricted by the cord catching on the keyboard - an alltogether more enjoyable mousing experience"