Wall-E is based on the film of the same name and suffers right from the start in being a movie-to-game title. It's plagued with certain problems with controls and the camera is terrible at times, it tries to dive inside the scenery and very often rather than being an intuitive tool to help you navigate the levels and get a feel for your environment you're battling with it to try and keep the view from skewing around to angles that are less than helpful.

Then there are clipping issues with the environment itself and objects go from being solid to phantasmal in the blink of an eye. It reeks of a game that was slipped out to cash in on the movie's popularity and targeted towards kids who might forgive these bugs and issues. There are regular texture tears and some hideous pop-in effects as you explore the levels. The presentation is such that combined with these flaws and the graphics in general, it looks as if it might have scraped by on a last-gen system not one of the next/current-gen systems.

The controls are fairly decent however, they're not as sharp as they could be but they don't feel like they're making the game any harder to play as is the modus operandi for a lot of platform games these days. The levels are linear but they have some room for sandbox style exploration as you move throughout them collecting junk and solving puzzles by throwing cubes and things at various other things.

You are cast in the role of the last Wall-E unit who must clean up the junk from an abandoned earth, just like your movie counterpart you're eventually going to meet the other robot: Eve, who has been sent from space to see if there's any life on the Earth and eventually you'll move from the planet into space and so on. The story will appeal to fans of the movie and to kids, but this is definitely not a game for someone who likes platform titles. You need some background on the film and a love for the characters to appreciate it.

There are unlockables and there are several modes beyond the core story, there's a race mode, an arena mode (deathmatch) a king of the hill mode and a co-operative mode to the game. There are costumes to unlock and levels for multiplayer can be unlocked as well. Again it's all very mediocre standard 'done before' gameplay and presentation that all totals up to an average experience. The game does take an interesting approach to presenting the environments; it captures the feel of isolation from the movie quite well. There are no enemies for a while, just you and the unforgiving environment on the polluted earth, trundling about as Wall-E or gliding and hovering as Eve (when you get to control her).

It is here where the game shines for a short while; it draws the personalities and designs from the movie and brings them to life. The camera however comes along and dashes the experience repeatedly along with the texture problems and other glitches so any enjoyment turns to frustration and I can see younger children using their controllers as a teething ring or sending them into orbit. It's not as if the game itself has a high difficulty, it has a few sections that test your ability to think rather than shoot and overall it's a pleasant experience that's marred by the aforementioned glitches.

It's such a short game and one that really can't have much more said about it, the music is good, the effects are good, the sound design and audio is excellent but in the end none of that offers any replay value and the whole package falls flat into the realms of the cheapo movie tie in. You can have the best voice, the best audio and the best intentions but when they're cobbled together like this you're left with a sour taste in your mouth and there are other games well worth the price tag, this isn't one of them unless you're a younger player or someone who's obsessed with collecting everything from Wall-E they can get their hands on.