The Overclocker Cafe' has just finished up it's review of the Thermaltake Volcano line up consisting of the Volcano 6, Volcano 6Cu (with a copper base), and the Volcano 6Cu+ (copper base and a 7k fan.) The 6Cu+ model definately impressed them. It's performance was in the grove of most high end sinks but it only runs around 22 clams (That's US clams.) Here is a snip:

    " If you are willing to trade some performance for lower sound volume, the Volcano 6Cu is a very good choice. The load temps were only 1.7 degree Celsius off that of the 6Cu+. While at the same time you lose 8 dBA. For those folks impervious to the Delta whine, the higher end performance the Volcano 6CU+ is a winner. The 6Cu+ performs on the same level as the Vantec CCK and it only costs two-thirds the price. I like the idea of a $22 heatsink as I'm sure many of you will."