Today, we have another guest review from Simon. Enjoy...


This is volleyball with attitude, which is not something you would expect from a sporting title but this is what Hypnotix decided to do with a sporting title. The equation of the outlaw series would probably go a little something like this.

Sports game + Scantily Clad women + Taunting * Violence = Top selling title

Whilst this may seem like an award wining formula it can be messed up by using a 2 year old title for it and just updating it with a few extras and hoping it is just different enough to make people want to buy it.


The outlaw series of games are all about taking a sport, adding over the top moves, half naked women and a touch of violence. That's not to say these are bad games, they just aren't what you would expect from your average sports games. The series has always pushed the boundaries of what is deemed unacceptable to a good sportsman and this latest incarnation is no exception.

Control System

It's very easy to pick up and play this game due to the arcade set up of the controls. This makes for a simple control system that anyone can use. It is a brilliant game that can last until the early hours of the morning when you get your mates around as it is so easy to play. The only problem with the controls is the Positioning of the characters and timing of the hit when it comes to defence, you have to learn where to stand and how to position the character in exactly the right way to have any chance of a successful defensive move. The more you practice though the better you learn that the control system isn't as tough as you first thought.


The graphics have been updated to show off the improvement that two years can make, when it comes to developing games. The only problem is that this only applies to the characters and not the environments. Most of the environments look shabby compared with how much effort was put into the characters. This is a shame as with a bit more effort this could have been the best volleyball game on the PS2.


The multiplayer aspect is the best part of the game because it is the most fun. The game is also online enabled so you can beat up people from all over the world at a volleyball game and if you're losing just give them a quick kick. Trust me it makes you feel a lot better.


This game will last ages for 3 reasons.

1) Lots of unlockable items to get your hands on

2) Multiplayer mode is fun when you get your mates around

3) You can only play it for so long at a time

This adds up to a fun and lasting experience that you will thoroughly enjoy so long as the little niggles regarding the backgrounds and other tiny problems don't get in the way, or you choose to ignore them.


• Good Volleyball game

• Comedy Moves

• Online Play

• Sarcastic comments said by the characters

• Fight your opponents

• Multiplayer modes are fun


• Naked women grate after a while

• Port of a 2 year old Xbox title

• Its supposed to be a volleyball game not a free for all

• Gets boring after a while