The concept of the game is that you must build up the relationship between your character and numerous other NPC characters whilst maintaining your house and job. You have to keep stats high or low depending on what it is such as hunger so your character doesn't go hungry and hygiene so your character can get a date.


If you have ever played a Sims game then you know what to expect here. For those of you that haven't this is a cross between a point and click adventure and a simulation game. You have control of people's lives and must live them for the character. This involves things like teaching them to cook by upgrading the cooking skills, which helps them when it comes to hunger, telling them to take a bath, which keeps the hygiene bar high and repairing things by upgrading the repair skill. The more the skills are upgraded, the better the ability, e.g. versatility in the kitchen when the cooking skill is increased. The point and click part is how you move things e.g. place new items that have been bought, tell your character to use the toilet, take out the bin. The simulation part is when you buy new items. They all have stats which show things such as how good it is at doing its job and not breaking down e.g. cooker. But you have to manage your budget as you have to pay the rent and bills for each item e.g. Electricity and water. You can place the items wherever you want in your house, but make sure a character can use the item it's no use putting the fridge against the wall so the door is blocked and the character can't use it

Game Modes

There are two main game modes Single player and Free Roam mode. The single player mode is linear and involves passing missions to get the heart of your Ex back, even though they treat you like dirt and you feel like punching their heads in repeatedly. You can still be romantically involved with whoever you want whilst trying to obtain those mission parameters.

The Free Roam mode is where the fun really begins. You choose 3 people to put in your house, any combination of male and female and you try to develop a relationship with 1 or both of the other characters. This is fun because you can do what ever you want. I tried to get the two homosexual people (one for each sex) and tried to get them together!


The controls are fairly simple as most of the game is just a point and click interface. Your point the cursor at what ever you want the character to interact with, press the mouse button and you get options for whatever is available at that time. The scroll button on the mouse zooms in and out so you can get the close-ups that you want.


The graphics are good. There aren't any special effects so to speak as this is the wrong kind of game for that kind of thing. You do have a zoom in function so you can zoom into a characters face and see their emotions by what features are playing on their face. The best thing though is the quality of the zoom you don't really lose any of the features as you zoom in and out.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial intelligence is very consistent as most of the controls are automated e.g. cooking food. You can interrupt this process if you choose, for instance your character could be making a light snack and you may decide to make it have a meal instead. Theoretically you could sit back and watch your characters get on with their lives with little or no imput from yourself but don't expect to get very far in the relationship if you decide to do this.


There is no multiplayer at all but when you think about it how would a multiplayer mode work? After much deliberation I have come to a decision that it wouldn't work.


This game will last you a long time if you use the free mode as the single player game is very linear. There are so many combinations to do, will you try some lesbian/ gay action or will you try to get the two gay characters (one for each sex) together for some straight sex. The choice is up to you.

Who would enjoy this game?

Although this is not the type of game I myself would normally pick up and play, I did get quite a lot of enjoyment out it. Like in the fact that it's just like in real life the more you put into the relationship the more you get out of it and the fact that anyone can be your partner whether they are male and female. This game can appeal to both male and female gamers as you can choose the sex of your character which is quite nifty as you would assume that this game would be more in a male's point of view due to the sexual content.


- Anyone can be your Partner.

- Most functions are automated e.g. Toilet.

- Fans of The Sims will love it.

- Lots of items to buy for home.

- Can place those items anywhere in the room.

- More depth than I thought it would have.

- Its like Real life.


- No Sex straightaway.

- Fairly Linear single player mode.

- Must work at the relationship to get anywhere.

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