PC Hardware have reviewed the ECS K7S5A2, the second ECS board based on SiS735. This is the newer version of the K7S5A and although the name doesn't suggest important changes the boards don't even look the same. PC Hardware tested it under Windows 2000 SP2 with SiSoft Sandra 2001se Professional, Ziff Davis Content Creation Winstone 2001, Ziff Davis Business Winstone 2001 and BapCo SysMark 2001. It was compared with Abit KT7A and Abit KG7. They discovered several interesting things about the board compatibility and reliability. Heres a quote:

    "I was pleased to see that ECS included several memory timings templates. In the Advanced Chipset Features you can find two main settings: Advanced Dram Control 1 and Advanced Dram Control 2. Under these menus you can access several memory settings which are not documented, so I was just able to suppose what these settings really are. The four templates mentioned earlier are called Safe, Normal, Fast and Ultra. We will see in benchmarks if these affect performance."