iamnotageek.com have posted up a review of the ECS K7S5A motherboard. It is only $120 CDN (about $80 US, £52) and offers some really great performance. It is based on the SIS 735 chipset at appears too offer better performance than the AMD 761 chipset. Heres a Quote:

    "The 735 was developed from the ground up to be a single chip solution by gluing the North and South bridge together. The obvious upside to this is an extremely large amount of bandwidth between the two. While VIA's V-Link technology offers around 600 MB/s transfers, the integrated SiS solution is in the neighborhood of 1.2 GB/s. (Of course 600 MB/s is more than enough speed and the 1.2 GB/s is just overkill.) This is all thanks to SiS's Multi-threaded I/O Link technology which allows the chip to communicate with multiple devices much more effectively."