12th September 2001

In preparation for next month's release of the highly-anticipated Codename:Outbreak, Virgin Interactive and GSC GameWorld have issued a new playable demo, available at www.venom3D.com and soon at www.codenameoutbreak.com. The demo is an updated taster of this stunning tactical first-person shooter, featuring single- and multi-player missions.

Due for release 12th October, Codename: Outbreak has been developed by the team behind the hugely successful Cossacks - previously number one in the PC charts.

Based in Kiev, Game World GSC is becoming increasingly known for its ability to push genres further than ever before. Having already successfully conquered the real-time strategy genre, they've now turned their attention to the first-person shooter market, and the signs are Codename: Outbreak will blow everyone away.

A close call with a Class-C comet has left the Earth decimated by meteors. But beyond the devastation lurks a more sinister threat - alien spores, which are mutating living creatures into hideous and lethal creatures. Eventually, humans start to mutate - and it's here that the player is called to arms as part of a global task force sent to wipe out the alien threat.

In single-player mode, the game is a heart-in-mouth action fest, combining moments of all-out-action with tactical planning as players command a two-man strike force. The game utilises sophisticated enemy routines, with complex sight and hearing algorithms combing to create highly intelligent adversaries. Missions need to be tackled in number of ways - guard routines need to be studied and surveillance disabled before a successful strike is launched. The buddy system allows players to specify timed attacks so sentries can be taken out simultaneously. Co-ordination between the two team-mates is vital, and players can directly switch between soldiers as they wish. Alternatively, commands can be issued to fellow soldiers with key strokes, leaving players able to concentrate on their own actions.

Multi-player modes will introduce advanced objectives, as players compete co-operatively or against one another.

A jaw-dropping display engine will boast resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 as players are treated to a game world boasting directional lighting, dynamic colour illumination, volumetric fog, realistic water surfaces, and figures comprising up to 1000 polygons - all wrapped in a stunning particle system explosion system.

Codename: Outbreak will be published by Virgin Interactive 12th October 2001, priced £34.99.