This is a Guest Review from our friend Ian Jones.

In this latest outing for the Medal Of Honor genre, you take control of US Army Lieutenant William Holt. He is one of the first field agents for the newly formed Office of Strategic Services (the OSS). You begin by serving alongside British commandos as you take part in their famous mission to St. Nazaire. Whilst there, you will have four missions to take part in. Then you move on to North Africa, where you help the Desert Rats. There are two missions to take part in whilst there. The next stage in the game is to move onto Russia where you help out the Russian Partisans in their two missions. Finally, we move onto The Battle Of The Bulge, where you re-group with your fellow American soldiers and take part in three missions. In total, there are 11 missions, scattered over different parts of Europe. What we need to remember is that with this game; you are actually taking part in history. If you are new to the Medal of Honor games, then now is the time to educate yourself. This game is well worth a look.

I found the control system to be pretty straightforward. It won't take you long to get into the swing of things. This was the first game I had when I bought my GameCube. Up until then, I've always had a PS2. That didn't faze me one little bit. Now I've got used to it, I prefer the GameCube pad layout, to the PS2. One thing you need to remember is you have to use tactics when playing. You can't just go charging around like Rambo and expect to last very long. That's not going to happen. Stealth can be important on some levels. The further you can go without being noticed, the better. Eventually you will take command of your own squad. They will find their own cover, give you covering fire when needed and basically do their jobs. One of your main objectives is to keep them alive. If at the end of the level all 3 are still alive you will get 3 health packs. You get one health pack for every team member you managed to keep alive. With each level you have a set amount of objectives to complete. There's a minimum and maximum requirement. If you complete the minimum, you'll get a bronze star. There are bronze, silver and gold stars to be won. If you get all gold stars, at the end of the missions, you'll get a medal for that country. There are also revives to be gained. These are basically extra lives, but with a twist. When you use a revive, you start off from the point you died. But you only have half of your health restored. Revives can be gained by completing your objectives.

The one thing that I like the most, is that they've limited how many guns you can carry. There are a lot of games (that I won't mention) where you have so many different guns; you 'd need a wheelbarrow to carry them all. It is a bit annoying at times, only being able to carry 2 guns and grenades. There have been times where I could of really done with an extra gun. But that's the price you pay for realism. I think when designing this game; they wanted it to be as user-friendly as possible. The levels have been designed in such a way as to encourage you to wander off on your own and do some exploring. There is a multiplayer option. You can play against up to four different players, across 15 different maps. You have the choice of deathmatch and objective-based modes with you and up to three other players. There is one thing that I did find quite annoying. Why have they used a floating little pistol as an indication as to where a new rifle is? I think it looks completely un-realistic and they should've left that out.

It's the atmosphere, which grips you mostly. It's hard not to get immersed in the game and forget about everything else. As I stated above, the control system is easy enough. It shouldn't take a new player long to learn the controls. Menu navigation is fairly straightforward. By using a combination of the analog stick and the d-pad, you should be able to successfully navigate your way around the menus.

Well I have to say. I can't really find much fault with the graphics and sound. No game is perfect, and this isn't either. For example: a solider standing on a bank, shooting at the enemy. When I got closer, I noticed that he was actually floating in mid-air. The levels are nicely done, with quite a lot of attention to detail. The cut-scenes are nicely done. They have gone for the full effect, by using an old cinema style effect. I can only begin to image how the sound would fare on a surround sound set up. It's like being in a film at times. You have the howl of the wind, with the bang of guns. Snow crunches under your feet, etc... as far as I'm concerned, this is a must have.