Another guest review from Simon Knight, enjoy.


The idea of the game is that you play as the Russians, Germans, Americans or British and you must complete missions to help your side win World War 2. The main view is a top down isometric view that shows you the layout of the land it's a bit like looking through a satellite at a given area and watching the battle unfold whilst telling your team how to take out the enemy.


This is a standard World War 2 Real Time Strategy game that lets you control your squad from a top down view. This plays like a game from the Command and Conquer series. The tanks are accurately modelled from the era and the game gives you the choice as to which side to play out of the Soviets, Germans or the U.S.A. There are three campaigns that focus on hotspots throughout the globe and you will face the same kind of hardships that your chosen side had to face during World War 2.

Control System

The game uses the point and click control system like in the Age of Empires Series which is perfectly suited to a war time real time strategy game. The game also uses hotkeys if you don't want to scroll the curser to far away from the action, this is good in the fact that you can do whichever feels easier to you as different people like to play games differently. All this means that the controls are intuitive and very easy to get to grips with.


The graphics are brilliant in the fact that it must be the nicest looking World War 2 game that I have ever seen. It's not in the same league as the game FarCry but it does a very good job of trying to recreate a realistic feeling of what the world looked like in WW 2. The environments are destructible and the vehicle leaves tracks. There is nothing like watching a battalion of realistically modelled vehicles destroying the scenery in an effort to get to where you tell them to. It's like watching a herd of rampaging dinosaurs. Only these dinosaurs are actually Panzers and Tiger tanks.


There is a choice of two main multiplayer modes. These are LAN or Online.

The LAN option as most of you know involves hooking up multiple PCs together to create your own network and you need one pc and copy of the game per machine. However this just isn't affordable to most people in the world unless it's for a business such as a Cyber Café.

The Online Mode is where the fun really begins. Here you play against people from all over the world and it's a battle to the death. You both choose sides and a map and various other options and then build up your units and attack each others bases.


This game has the potential to last forever in the fact that it contains a large multiplayer mode and the ability to use mods. As to whether these are made by fans of the game or developers themselves we will have to wait and see but imagine loading up a WW2 game playing that for a few hours then loading a sci-fi scenario and playing that for another couple of hours. The possibilities are endless and I for one will look forward to watching exactly what mods are made for this game.


The encyclopaedia is a great idea. It shows accurate pictures and information about all the vehicles that were used during World War 2 by all the different countries involved. I would like to see more developers adding little extras like this because it shows how much effort has actually been put into the research that goes into making a game like this.


- Destructible Scenery.

- Encyclopaedia of World War 2 vehicles.

- Accurately detailed vehicles.

- Great multiplayer modes.

- Intuitive Control system.

- Superb graphics that really show off the scenery.

- Tutorials so you know what you are doing.


- Can get a bit boring when playing for a long time.