Further on from Wolf's preview of the game, this is what Simon Knight has to say about it.

What's it all about?

You belong to an elite force fighting against global counter-terrorism. Your team is made up of two crack agents poised to react to any threat.

Your main objective is to dismantle the NEMESIS network and retrieve the stolen technology. But by changing the chemical properties of certain proteins, the terrorists have made their fighters much more aggressive...

Game type

CTSF Fire for Effect is a 3rd Person shooter which contains other areas such as Driving Vehicles and Parachuting.


There are two main characters, Stealth Owl and Raptor.

Stealth Owl, as the name suggests is the games stealth expert. Fast, agile and very accurate, Stealth is like a modern day ninja who has the almost scary ability to access any area whilst remaining totally concealed. He is armed with high-tech weaponry and a state of the art sniper rifle. He also uses optical camouflage rather like Solid Snakes invisibility suit, so he can surprise his enemies from any distance.

Raptor is the games Arnold Schwarzenegger; He is hard hitting, deadly and is a master at using heavy weapons such as Bazookas, Missile launchers and other Grenade Launchers, Utilizing these weapons he blows up everything giving the enemy little chance to fight back. He wears an electronic bullet proof vest that stops almost all bullet types so when most people would be down and screaming for a medic Raptor is still in the fight killing everything. He is like the human equivalent of a Duracell battery, he keeps going and going. He also has the ability to drive so if you need a pickup in hostile location, Raptor's the one to call.


The controls are easy enough to learn and very intuitive to use. This equals more fun as you don't have to spend time trying to use a gadget and ending up shooting them in the face. Which is always a good thing.


The graphics and the frame rate are solid, there are different areas so they don't get repetitive and it doesn't feel like you are fighting through the same areas again and again.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI is very clever in the fact that if you are timid the enemy will try to drive you from your cover and if you're loud the enemy will hide and wait for you. If an enemy hears you whilst you're using Stealth Owls optical camouflage then depending on the situation the enemy will fire either at the noise or in all directions trying to hit you.


There is no multiplayer mode.

Xbox Live

This Game is only Xbox Live Aware.


This game is not overly long but it will last a bit.


• It has something for everyone

• Cheap

• Good AI


• No multiplayer mode

• Not long enough

• Lots of games in this genre already out

Who would enjoy this game?

This game caters for most people in the fact that some missions are stealthy, some are all gun blazing, there are driving sections as well and some parachuting sections where you have to dodge flak, shoot enemies and you can do acrobatics whilst doing these to give it a little flair. So as you can see this game contains something for every one.