bluescreenofdeth have reviewed the Kanie Hedgehog 294M HSF. How does this lesser known heatsink compare to some of the latest offerings from Globalwin, Vantec and the like... Heres a quote:

    "Kanie seems to have made a break from the norm in the 294M's packaging - while the majority of recent heatsinks come in a thin card box, with no padding or protection the Hog comes in a strong corregated card box partitioned off to stop the heatsink and fan banging around inside. The heatsink even come shrink wrapped, with a warning label telling us not to pick the heatsink up by it's pins, to prevent damage to them. Kanie also includes a detailed instruction booklet, telling how to properly assemble and install the heastink. Kanie seems to have paid a great deal of attention to this area."