I know its not games news but its on TV over here on almost all channels, heres a rundown of whats happened as of 22:00 GMT:

  • Two planes have been flown into the 2 towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a third has been flown into the Pentagon in Washington.

  • Both of the WTC towers have since collapsed.

  • A plane has crashed in western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

  • Other Explosions were reported in the NY city area, reports are that some may have been car bombs.

  • All planes were hijacked, two of them are from United Airlines, two from American Airlines.

  • All flights to America have been re-routed or turned back (whichever was best).

  • Here in the UK security was stepped up in the City and in all Airports, planes were re-routed so they dont fly over London and all flights have been suspended where security is not good enough.

  • Another building has since collapsed, the 40-story WTC 7.

    For more info I suggest the following: BBC News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News. Alternatively you should turn on the TV coverage is usually live!

    I have just seen new TV coverage taken from right under the WTC where you can see the plane smash right into the second WTC Tower, completely destroying the area that was hit. This is a sickening day for all. Check back for updated reports later if I feel up to it.