This is Mitch's Guest Review, he's a 14 year old PC gamer and a friend of Jenksy.

Pro Evolution 3 is finally out on PC, The series is rightly rated as one of the best ever football games on all the main consoles. Konami are trying out there skills on the PC and have ended up with something not too bad!

We all know Pro Evo as one of the best footie game series out. Pro 3 is obviously an improvement from the last Evo game, but I didn't expect such a big improvement!

Right from the start of the game you see how the graphics have improved from the starting video. The expressions of the people in the crowd and the dirt look great and give it that little bit extra from games that we have seen in the past. Then as you come on to the main menu it feels more like an arcade game, but in a good way! You don't need me to tell you the type of games that are available on the start menu; it's just the usual Match mode, League, Cup etc... There is one slight twist in the menu though.

With this new game there is a new menu. On this game you have the 'Shop' which is in 'Game options'. In here you can use the points from playing games or leagues or the master league and buy things. Such as hairstyles. New facial accessories, boots etc... I think this is great it gives you something to aim for! Another great thing is that in the shop you can buy for £10,000 a transfer gadget which lets you transfer a player to any club you want which means you can keep all the teams up to date!

Once you have decided what you want to play you may be surprised that you don't know any of the teams on there! This is because of trade mark reasons, for example Leeds United is called Yorkshire. But what you will be happy to hear is that most of the players name and stats are all correct including names and so on. Also In this version of Pro Evo there is a lot more teams available, for example you get West Ham, Everton etc...

Once you have selected your game type and team, you get to the match, you may be surprised, the graphics in my opinion are amazing! Also the way the players move is completely different.

Instead of moving Vertical, Horizontals, or diagonal like the last game you can run all over the place! It's like you actually have to balance the player, if you don't the shot will not go where you wanted it to, or the player will just spoon the pass. I think that the way KONAMI have made this effect actually happen is great.

Right... now down to the actual football aspect of the game, the football is not what you would expect from a computer game. The ref gives advantages; the kits are great replicas, the players look like who they are meant too and the only thing that gets up my nose is the dam commentator Trevor Brooking.

After a while you get to hear all the sayings and you have to turn the commentary off other wise you'll flip!! But apart from that the matches are good and it is very easy to just keep playing match after match after match. I have played and played this game many times now and I can't seem to get bored of it, it is just fun to play.

Each time you play a match it is different. Sometimes you may get a good start or you keeper could be on bad form and you could get slaughtered. This type of game play can't be shown in pictures or screenshots, you have to play it your self and you will see what I am talking about.

The one thing that I would say is that the game is good but obviously in a computer game you can only get so much realism. And the problem with this one in my opinion is that you can be Iran and play French on easy and absolutely kill them, where as in real life that wouldn't happen (no offence if you support Iran).

But what the game lacks in realism certainly makes up for with some of the moves you can pull off! Me and my mate Jon were playing multiplayer and some of the moves you can do are amazing, you can flick it over your head, do lollypops, flick it on, head it on and all sorts. You will never get bored of showing your mates.

Overall this is a great game and is a big improvement on the last game. I think that if you have any interest in computer footie at all then you should buy this game!!