This evening we have a review of the latest "Tualatin" based motherboard from MSI, the 694T Pro. This board incorporates the new VIA Apollo Pro 133T chipset as well as diagnostic LEDs and USB networking. Heres a snip:

    Not only does MSI offer a nice bit of extras "ON" their motherboard, but they also offer a nice bit of extras "WITH" their motherboard. Often we've written about motherboard manufacturers that design a beautiful motherboard with a vast array of features yet they don't include the extra hardware required to take advantage of these features. This was certainly not the case with the 694T Pro. For example, we were refreshed to find that when MSI boasted that their new board had the ability to connect two PC's via USB, they included All necessary hardware and software for users to take full advantage of this feature. I lost count how many times I have reported that a motherboard had additional USB headers on it, yet no hardware was provided by the manufacturer.